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Gramp’s Dish Wash has the amazing formulation that turns oil or grease into a water-based solution. This effectively makes the cleaning process on any utensils, cutlery, cooking pots or pans whether made from steel, ceramic, glass, plastic and more; easy, fast and saves water at the same time. The result from the fast cleaning is impressive as stainless steel kitchenware is left shining and glassware glean instead of the usual smoky colour that it gets with poor washing. This powerful formulation is also able to remove charred remnants from pots and pans easily.

The impact from using this Dish Wash formulation is extensive. First of all, It prevents the sink and the piping from clogging because oil and grease disappear during the cleaning process. As the waste water from the dishwash is flushed into the sink, the formulation continues to work through the pipes as it heads downwards to the drains, working to clean it from fat, oil and grease, until it is absolutely exhausted.


  • Effective to use on any material that requires general washing. Leaves everything clean even plastic wear which is notoriously difficult to clean.
  • Environmentally friendly and environmentally cleansing
  • 100% made from natural ingredients

Components of Dish Wash

  • Ingredients Compound
  • Herbaceous Plants
  • Herbal & Spice Tinctures
  • Citric Acid
  • Natural Cleaner
  • Thyme
  • Natural Preservative
  • Water

Hazards Identification

  • May cause irritation to the eyes. Avoid direct contact. If there is irritation, wash eyes with water. If symptoms persist, seek medical attention.
  • Inhalation of mist or vapors will not harm humans or animals.
  • If consumed or ingested in small quantities there is no harm. However, if a large doses (150ml and above) is ingested, it may cause stomach discomfort. If symptoms persists, medical attention is required.

Handling and Storage

  • Before transferring the Dishwashing Liquid into another bottle, shake the contents first before pouring. Do not stack up the bottles.
  • Do not store in an area exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Keep the containers sealed properly and store in a ventilated area at room temperature.
  • Product efficacy is compromised at temperatures more than ≥ 40℃
  • General Directions of Use
  • Shake every time before use. The Dish Wash has twice the concentration strength of normal concentrated dishwashing liquid. Therefore, the first dilution rate is 1:1 with water.
  • To wash dishes. Use the 1:1 dilution and pour it into a basin or sink filled with 1:10 water. Remove all visible food bits from the dishes meant to be washed and soak it for about 5 -10 minutes. Remove the dishes and wipe with a sponge under running water/fresh basin of water. You may continue to use the same dishwash bath for multiple sets of dishes simply by just adding more WATER to the solution until the soapy effect is exhausted.
  • To remove charred burns on the pot or pans. Use the 1:5 dilution (from original concentrate) and let it soak for 2 hours. For bad burns, soak overnight. Scrub normally after that.


Type Dish Wash
Brand Name Gramp's
Feature Eco-friendly
Usage Dish Washing
Packaging Bottle
Form Liquid
Shelf Life 18 months from manufacturing date
Packing Size 500 ml

Additional Information

Product Code DW
Min. Order Quantity 1 Carton

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